Our Experiences

There are many things that make us different than most Public Relations/Communications firms. When it comes down to it, most firms just do not have the overall experience(s) that we do.


Our Co-Founder & CEO, Michael Laderman, has not only 21 years of successfully promoting large institutions and organizations; he was also charged with producing and directing high-profile events that featured, among others, Dr. Shaquille O'Neal, Haiti's Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, First Lady Barbara Bush, Florida's First Lady Columba Bush, Hadassah Lieberman, TV host John Walsh, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Clarence Page, TV journalist Chris Wallace, actor Danny Glover, famed Washington Post journalists Ben Bradlee and Bob Woodward, singer and actor Harry Belafonte, and Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, to name just a few.


Plus, our team consists of award-winning journalists, media relations, public affairs, marketing and advertising specialists, and event management professionals, almost all who have worked for and/or alongside Laderman. 

We Specialize in Publicizing:

  • Architecture / Real Estate

  • Arts / Culture / Entertainment

  • Business / Economics / Finance / Public Administration

  • Educational institutions

  • Health Care / Medicine

  • Information Technology / Computing

  • Law / Legal Affairs

  • Media / News / Information Outlets

  • Music / Dance / Theater

  • Non-Profit and For-Profit organizations

  • Oceanography / Natural Sciences

  • Parks / Recreation

  • Politics / Political Science

  • Philosphy / Religion

  • Psychology / Social Work

  • Sports / Intercollegiate and Professional Athletics

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* Images featuring President & CEO Michael Laderman are not intended to constitute celebrity endorsement of 20 A-M COMMUNICATIONS.