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For more than 20 years -- as a public relations, marketing, media relations and event management executive for regionally-and-nationally known institutions -- I have hired my share of PR consultants. They were brought on board to assist my teams, agencies that were paid exorbitant amounts of money with the hopes of achieving what my understaffed teams could not. Yet, more often than not, they over-promised and under-delivered.

I sat back for years and played the game in my head that so many of us play. I talked about how, if ever given the opportunity to begin my own company, I would run a PR firm the right way. I have never been one to, be it myself or my staffs, come across as a pushy salesman, saying anything and everything just to make the sale, like so many agencies that I have come across do. I would run a fair and honest business, one that did not make promises which could never be kept, yet one that utilized my skills of promoting and protecting institutions and organizations at an extremely high -- and successful -- level.

That opportunity is here. And that opportunity is now.

20 A-M is the embodiment of not just 20-plus years of public relations/marketing/advertising/event management experience, but of a vision to do right what others do wrong. It is a vision to assist those who need publicity-related assistance, while helping at a fair price to all parties.

In creating this firm, I have focused on what my strengths are; those areas that have garnered incredible successes for the institutions and organizations that I have represented throughout my career. As such, 20 A-M can provide to you the highest quality services with regard to:

* Media Relations: Press release development and/or d

* Media Relations: Promoting you as an 'expert' to the media;

* Crisis Communications support;

* Successful social media development, promotion and representation;
* Emcee/Speaking Engagements;
* Event management;

* video production, development and distribution;

* Publication design and production;

* and book publishing.

I have taken the step to make my dream of owning my own firm come true. I look forward to working with you, to ensure that your dreams are as successful. After all, our goal is to make you look really, really good.


Contact us today, so you can succeed tomorrow.


Michael Laderman

Executive Director

(407) 917-20AM (2026)





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