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Emcee / Speaking Engagements

Some of the biggest fears in our culture are heights, bugs, and death.  But more often than not, what tops them all is the fear of public speaking.


Our Emcee / Public Speaking services will alleviate those fears, giving you a seasoned public speaking veteran to "host" your event, and/or speak to/address your organization/team.

Our Emcee / Public Speaking experience includes:


  • Formally providing welcoming and opening remarks [on behalf of the Orlando Museum of Art's Board of Trustees] at such events as Onyx Speaks with Mrs. Amelia Boynton Robinson, Mother of the Voting Rights; and the Orange County Public Schools annual principal meeting.

  • Being the “face” and “voice” of Barry University for most on-campus events for 10 years, including being the emcee before a crowd of 1,000-plus at the “Sister Jeanne Day Farewell Gala,” to doing radio/webcast play-by-play of Barry’s intercollegiate athletic events. Externally, represented Barry University as an active member of the Greater North Miami, Miami-Dade, and Greater Miami chambers of commerce.

  • Play-by-Play radio announcer (2003-2013)

    • Provide webcast play-by-play and color commentary for intercollegiate sports events at Barry University and Nova Southeastern University

  • Television and radio show host (1991-99)

    • Developed, produced, and hosted 30-minute monthly television and radio programs (NSU SportsBeat) featuring the Nova Southeastern University Department of Athletics. Television edition was the only such program in the nation for an NAIA school, and aired on all cable entities in Broward County – Advanced Cable, Comcast Communications, and MediaOne.  Live radio program aired Sundays at 7:30 p.m. throughout south Palm Beach, north Miami-Dade, and Broward County on 88.5 FM.

      • Hosted and produced hour-long live sports program [TV3’s SportsLive] from January-March 1995.

      • Delivered live and taped entertainment and sports segments for Selkirk’s Weekend show, 1994-95

      • Weekly co-host and guest on Soccer USA, 1170-AM WAVS, Fort Lauderdale, in 1994.

      • Contributed weekly Broward County prep reports on the Charles Jay Sports Morning, WAVS, 1991.

  • Television and radio commentator, play-by-play announcer, sports show host (1991-98)

    • Sunshine Network

    • Selkirk Cable

NSU SportsBeat - The Radio Edition
NSU SportsBeat - The Radio Edition - 12-20-98: M. Rule
NSU SportsBeat - The Radio Edition - 12-27-98: C. Cameron
NSU SportsBeat - The Radio Edition - 1-3-99: S. Hernandez & T. Lee
NSU SportsBeat: The Radio Edition - 1-10-99: Snapp, Prill, Villano, Levy
NSU SportsBeat - The Radio Edition - 1-24-99: Hickey Twins
NSU SportsBeat - The Radio Edition - 12-6-98: M. Kiffin
NSU SportsBeat - The Radio Edition - 1-17-99: McNair, Prill, Ocampo
NSU SportsBeat - The Radio Edition - 1-31-99: LaHara & Snapp
Gold Coast Forum - WKIS FM Radio
Gold Coast Forum - WKIS FM - 5-4-2003
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