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Crisis Communications

Sometimes, the unexpected happens.

And when it does, you need to control your message from the get-go.


You need to respond to media, you need to address your constituents/clients/students, and you need to proactively control social media  -- all the while protecting your brand and reputation.


Our Crisis Communications services will help you put out the fire, and move on as quickly as possible with your reputation intact. We will meet with you/your organization's leadership team to confidentially address the matter at hand, to put together a proactive action plan that focuses on addressing the issue head-first; preparing statements for you/the leadership team; preparing social media statements; and directly responding to media inquiries on behalf of the organization.

Our Crisis Communications experience includes:


  • Charged with protecting the image of both Barry University and Nova Southeastern University from 1999-2013, serving as the direct media contact for all crisis communications.

  • Certified by the United States Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency in crisis communications.

  • Trained in ICS (Incident Command Systems) for the National Incident Management Team.

  • A member of Barry University’s Command Decision Team from 2003-2013.

  • Revamped Barry University’s emergency information system by utilizing current means of information dissemination, creating emergency network of phone, email, web and text news.

  • Responsible for overseeing Barry University’s new emergency information system, Blackboard Connect, with regard to crisis and general university-wide communications.

  • Specific incidents that have required such communication with the media included:

    • Barry University’s attempted sale of TV and radio stations WXEL, 2003-12

    • Barry University student residence halls infected with mold, 2011

    • Barry University health professor committing suicide on campus in 2007

    • Storm and crisis preparation, i.e. defending Barry University’s crisis communications plan in the aftermath of the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings

    • Campus sexual battery investigations

    • Armed robbery in Barry University residence hall

    • Rape of a non-NSU student in the Nova Southeastern University residence halls

    • Envelopes arriving to Nova Southeastern University with white powdery substance, as well as bomb threats on campus, in aftermath of 9/11

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