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Event Management

Your company/institution/organization has decided to host an event. Big or small, fund-raiser or friend-raiser, it matters not: You just know that you need it looking and running as professional as possible.


That is where we come in.  We will direct your team/staff of what steps to take, and will do so from the inception of the event, all the way through the event's conclusion. We will ensure that every step is taken to showcase your event in its best possible light, based on your respective event's budget.

Our Event Management experience includes:


  • Producing and Directing Orlando Museum of Art staff [Event Management and Operations] for all OMA events, including monthly 1st Thursdays and exhibition openings

  • Ensuring that all events which involved Clemson, Barry, and Nova Southeastern University presidents James P. Clements, Sister Linda Bevilacqua, and Ray Ferrero, Jr., respectively, were appropriately managed

  • Leading and assisting in the creation of campus events that had an immediate focus on positive press coverage, i.e.:

    • “Spirit Day” against bullying, 2010. I led the charge of taking this national event, that honored the lives of those who were victims of bullying, and created an on-campus Barry University event for students, faculty and staff. Media coverage included WSVN FOX-TV 7, WTVJ NBC-TV 6, WFOR CBS-TV 4, WSCV Telemundo TV-51, WLTV Univision-TV 23 and The Miami Herald.

    • A student grief session in the aftermath of 9/11.  While Nova Southeastern University was quick to provide counseling services for individual students, faculty and staff, I proposed—and then moderated—an “open forum” for students to share their thoughts and concerns within a group “community” setting.  Sun-Sentinel lead columnist Michael Mayo attended and wrote a large article.

  • Leading all special events and community engagements run through Nova Southeastern University’s Office of Public Affairs, Marketing and Advertising, including speaking engagements of then-President Ray Ferrero, Jr. and then-Executive Vice President George Hanbury. Represented Nova Southeastern University on the Broward Alliance’s Film and Television Commission committee.

  • Producer and coordinator of the “NSU Forums Speaker Series,” charged with the full creative direction and operation of this presidential-level speaker series, catered towards both high-and-low-level friends and donors of the university.  Created and produced more than 15 community events of this specific series, while working directly with such celebrities and personalities as:

    • Harry Belafonte, who spoke of human rights;

    • Ben Bradlee and Bob Woodward, together on stage to discuss the 30th anniversary of the Watergate break-in;

    • Hadassah Lieberman, speaking to change Florida’s voting system.

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