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As a member of OMA's executive leadership team [2014-16], Laderman was charged with overseeing all areas of public relations, including, but not limited to, media relations, social media, special events/event management, marketing, advertising, publications, brand management, and community relations. He led those who developed and managed OMA's public relations and marketing plans with the goal of supporting its recognition as a prominent art museum in the region, while also meeting attendance and financial goals.


His measured results, successes and accomplishments include:

  • Utilizing mostly specific and strategic social and traditional media strategies that he created and implemented, he more than doubled attendance for many of OMA’s main events and/or increased attendance without spending any monies on paid advertisements.

    • Public exhibition openings he promoted drew crowds of 575 [2015 Florida Prize], 750 [Maya Lin exhibition] and 968 [Women of Vision 2016].  NOTE: Prior to his arrival in 2014, OMA’s highest-attended public exhibition opening in its then-90-year history was in 2014 [537 guests for Golden Age of Painting].

    • OMA’s 2016 Family Day [February 2016] – a three-hour public event – set an OMA record with 1,094 guests – without spending one dollar on advertising. NOTE: OMA’s previous highest-attended Family Day was 725 guests in 2013, which needed more than $7,000 of paid advertisements to achieve.

    • Monthly 1st Thursdays events he produced, directed, and promoted had its highest average attendance in more than 12 years [675 in FY 2015-16], accomplished solely via free social and traditional media.

  • Brought never-before-seen diverse audiences to Orlando Museum of Art events/activities, equally represented on social media by its newly-diverse audience of followers that included:

    • 12.3 percent Hispanic

    • 12 percent African-American

    • 2 percent Asian-American

    • 12.4 percent other [non-caucasian]

  • Almost doubled the Orlando Museum of Art’s Twitter and Facebook audiences in only 14 months. And, in doing so, made OMA’s social media accounts the third-largest art-and-culture accounts in Central Florida [behind only the Dr. Phillips Center and Enzian Theater].

    • Took OMA’s Twitter account from 7,142 followers to 12,876 in just 14 months. NOTE: In comparison, it took five (5) years for OMA to initially get to 7,142 followers, prior to his arrival.

    • Increased OMA’s Facebook account from 7,447 likes to 12,651 in that same time. NOTE: In comparison, it took five (5) years for OMA to gain 7,447 likes prior to his arrival.

    • Raised more than $65,000 in sponsorship and/or in-kind donations, including, but not limited to:

      • $35,000 in-kind food-and-beverage donation for the 2016 Florida Prize in Contemporary Art

      • $15,000 sponsorship package from I-Drive area four-star hotel for 1st Thursdays

      • $15,000 donation from large financial institution for Women of Vision exhibit

    • Created, developed, produced and led the two (2) largest one-day membership campaigns in OMA history [325 new members for its October 2015 Back to the Future campaign, and 46 new members for its 2016 Groundhog Day campaign].

    • More than doubled the media coverage of OMA’s top exhibits, including the Florida Prize in Contemporary Art – OMA’s top annual exhibit – that included never-before garnered statewide and national media coverage;

    • And created, directed, and implemented the production of OMA’s new brand from top to bottom, including, but not limited to, nametags, table skirts, letterhead, promotional materials, and signage, giving OMA a stylish and consistent appearance for the first time in its 90-year history.

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