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Public Relations professionals are typically very good at talking about themselves. Our colleagues at many other firms will share the accounts they have held, and how many years they have been in the industry. But it typically is them talking about themselves. At 20 A-M COMMUNICATIONS, we let others tell our success stories for us.​ Our firm is led by public and media relations executive Michael Laderman, who has guided the image and brand of many large organizations and institutions. In turn, he has represented many executives, many of whom share their thoughts below.

I have been CEO or Vice President of several non-profit organizations over the past 35 years, and I have hired many professional staff. Undoubtedly, Michael Laderman is at the top of that list.  Under Mike’s direction, his department attained excellence in all areas, and he actively engaged his colleagues in other departments for university-wide success. He has the character, intelligence, personality and skills to lead people and transform organizations."

William E. Fenton

Former Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Barry University

He [Michael Laderman] is a true professional, and I can vouch for his intellect and his loyalty, both being equally important attributes of a team-player who must get things done. He is timely, goal-oriented, entirely trustworthy, and has an unwavering commitment to quality education and a deep understanding of the importance of a stellar reputation for an institution or organization.”

Norma Martin Goonen

Former Dean, Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences, Nova Southeastern University

Mike and his team worked collaboratively with Admissions to support our recruitment and enrollment objectives by developing and producing our primary marketing materials. Our appealing collateral materials that he directed received recognition with Education Advertising Awards sponsored by Higher Education Marketing Report. Thanks to Mike, our ads were placed strategically in our top feeder markets and timed with college fairs and other recruitment events which, at times, required a quick turnaround time. Our marketing materials supported conversion at all stages of the recruitment cycle. When partnering with Mike and his team, we saw a 35 percent increase in inquiries, our applications had more than doubled, and new student enrollment increased 23 percent, with more than half of our entering freshmen coming to us from out of state. Needless to say, Mike was a key contributor to our success.”

Angela Scott

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services, Barry University

Barry [University] is a private, tuition-driven university. As such, all academic programs relied heavily on Michael’s ability to communicate with and market to internal and external potential students and stakeholders. Without his support in this area, the college and university would not have thrived.”

Pegge L. Bell, Ph.D., RN, APN

Former Dean, College of Health Sciences, Barry University

Mike Laderman is an experienced professional with proven skills in media relations and publicity generation. He has helped my career to blossom by seeking and supporting opportunities for me to share my expertise on politics and government. Moreover, I have witnessed him hire exceptional talent and mentor and nurture those individuals to be great team members under his leadership. He is a priceless asset to any organization.”

Sean D. Foreman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Political Science, Barry University

Mr. Laderman was able to promote the faculty of Nova Southeastern University at a high level that, unfortunately for us, might not be matched or exceeded. Should you choose on Mr. Laderman to lead your media relations and publicity efforts, be prepared for success.”

Tim Dixon, J.D., M.A.

Associate Professor, Coordinator of History and Politics, Nova Southeastern University

I value Mike’s opinion in the realm of marketing and public relations. He is a consummate professional, and I am confident that he would represent your organization well and have a positive voice in the community.”

George Wallace

Executive Director, Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival

Whether it was a burglar on campus or a suspicious package in a common area, I could count on Michael Laderman to keep the Barry Community informed – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter the time of day. Within the four years we worked together, I depended on Michael as the Public Information Officer to address the media with any incidents day or night that occurred at Barry University. It was a pleasure to know that I had Michael on my team.”

George Wilhelm

Director of Public Safety, Barry University

Whenever there was a situation on campus that had potential for media coverage, Mr. Laderman was always there to assist.  From critical threats involving various campus buildings, to sensitive student or faculty related disclosures, we were confident in his professional ability to protect the university’s image to the media.”

Jimmy R. Ricci

Associate Director of Physical Security, Nova Southeastern University

When Michael Laderman first came to Barry University, he had to overcome resistance from a staff [that included myself] who had favored an internal candidate – our own assistant director – for his position. But within a short time, the ideas and procedures that Mr. Laderman implemented resulted in a drastic increase in positive media coverage for the university.  He proved to be a talented leader, capable of uniting and inspiring our team to meet high expectations.”

Francisco J. Duque

Former Coordinator of Media Relations, Barry University

I began my communications career at Barry University under Michael Laderman's direction. From day-one, he made his philosophy clear: 'Be yourself and do the little things.' His direction and approach led our team to success with internal and external stakeholders (employees, students, local, state, national media). More importantly, it set the groundwork for my career: one which has been built on establishing credibility in the 'little things' (service delivery & building relationships) to achieve trust and outcomes in the 'big things' (communications strategy and advice).”

Julianna Klose

Former Communications Coordinator, Barry University

Mike Laderman is hands-down the most skilled and effective supervisor I have had the opportunity to work for. With staff members ranging from recent college graduates to experienced veterans in the field, Mike had a great way of bringing his staff together, making them feel comfortable and creating an environment that motivated everyone to perform in their respective roles and also as a team. I am incredibly fortunate that my first job out of college was working for Mike. He patiently taught me everything that I know about public relations and media relations and allowed me to make mistakes along the way. During the two years that I worked for him, I grew both personally and professionally, because of the quality time he spent mentoring me, along with the rest of his staff. Today, I find myself using the skills I learned while working for Mike, and I know that, in the future, any professional success that I encounter will be due in large part to having had Mike as a supervisor and mentor.”

Whitney (Sessa) Lehmann, Ph.D.

Former Communications Coordinator, Barry University

Mike Laderman has a management and communication style that encourages individual initiative and fosters collaborations between individuals and groups that might not ordinarily work together. As a supervisor, he was able to hit that perfect balance of support and guidance without micromanagement; it really enabled me to do work that I was proud of, work that exceeded our goals.”

Paige Stein

Former Senior Communications Coordinator, Barry University

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