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Why Choose 20 A-M?

Because you need help.


Because you need more clients, or members, or customers, or students.


Because your presence -- and following -- on social media is lacking.


Because you have to write a press release, and you're not sure how.


Because you need traditional and social media coverage/exposure.


Because your upcoming event needs an experienced event executive to oversee its operation.


Because you need better community representation.


Because, quite simply, you want to succeed.


And because you know we'll make you look really, really good.


Our President & CEO, Michael Laderman, has a 21-year track record of SUCCESSFULLY representing amazing institutions and organizations, PLUS another eight years of award-winning reporting. Simply put, there are not many locally, regionally or nationally who match our experience, our expertise, or our successes.


Our team has successfully represented institutions of higher education [including Clemson University, Barry University, and Nova Southeastern University], non-profit institutions [such as the Orlando Museum of Art], and minority organizations [including Onyx Magazine and its Black History Month Celebration].


We have garnered amazing results for each organization we have represented throughout our career. We look forward to doing the same for you and your organization.

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